How Safe Are You from Radon?

How Safe Are You from Radon?

Radon is a radioactive gas that causes conditions such as blood and lung cancer. In the United States, it is a high risk cause of lung cancer in adults. In Utah, this gas has been known to be a big challenge. The gas is a byproduct of Uranium decay. This gas can surface and concentrate in home basements. Utah, known to have a high amount of Uranium exposes its residents to unusually high concentrations of the gas. The levels of the gas vary depending on the airflow, construction, earth composition and the foundation of the home.

Veteran Home Inspectors, a leading Utah Home Inspection Service has made it easier to keep you safe from radon. They use the latest radon detection technology to assure clients of accurate results within 48-72 hours. Being an InterNACHI certified Radon Tester, they offer premium services in non-intrusive forms. The team, headed by Ryan Johnson provides professional expertise to aid clients as they purchase their homes.

Most homes in the United States are fitted with Radon mitigation systems. For new home buyers, these systems have in the past provided a false sense of security. Recent Utah home inspections have revealed that radon levels in homes that have mitigation systems are as high as 300pCi/L. This is common in Park City, Orem, and other mining places. This has hazardously exceeded the EPA recommended level of 4.0pCi/L.

The Utah Home Inspection service recommends radon testing for both homes that have the mitigation systems and those that don’t. Moreover, the American Society of Home Inspection has developed the ‘Radon Checklist.’ They have also set a proposed standard for inspecting radon mitigation systems. Veteran Home Inspectors is dedicated to ensuring that the right standards are met to ensure the safety of families during Utah Home Inspections.

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