How To Prepare for a Home Inspection

If you’re looking to sell your home, you must be aware that your buyer will have the home inspected at some point. It is important to set aside some time to prepare adequately for your home inspection. Here are a few things you should do to have a successful home inspection.

Prepare to vacate during the inspection.

Depending on the size of the house a home inspector and potential buyer may need several hours to walk through the house and property. Typically being present for the inspection isn’t an issue but if you have pets you may want to consider finding a place for them to stay. Even if your dog is not aggressive he may run out the door and get loose. It can get very distracting and time consuming chasing a home owner’s cat back into the house.

Clean the House.

Setting the correct first impression on people is vital. A clean house will give the impression that the home is well maintained, a dirty house will mostly indicate neglect which might prove harmful to your inspection. Keep electrical panels, attic accesses, and other vital home components clear so the inspector can access them freely. It can be a huge pain to re-inspect the house due to a china cabinet blocking access to a panel and most inspectors charge to come back to the property.

Be Punctual.

If you’re living in Utah, professional Utah Home Inspectors like Veteran Home Inspectors will ensure that its professional representative is there on time. It is therefore important that you don’t keep the inspector waiting but instead be ready to have the house inspected. Inspectors may have multiple inspections per day and may have to leave in order to be on time to the next appointment.

Leave Your Utilities Connected.

It is crucial that you leave the utilities running as the home inspector goes around your home. This will enable the inspector to accurately assess for issues such as reverse polarity at receptacles, plumbing leaks, and to ensure that gas operated appliances are functional. It is therefore important to leave these on.

Provide Access to the Attic, Basement, and Garage.

A detailed home inspection shall entail a thorough look at the attic and basement of the home. Before the inspection, you should have gone through these places and moved boxes away from walls and stored items from below the attic access. Leave any keys on the kitchen counter with a note for areas like the garage or closets that may be locked to ensure that the inspectors has access.

Following these tips will ensure that your home inspection experience is pleasing and beneficial to everyone.

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