All you need to know before hiring the right Utah Home Inspectors for your house!

All you need to know before hiring the right Utah Home Inspectors for your house!

Planning to buy/ rent a new property but not sure how to go about checking its efficiency?

Well, the best solution is to hire a qualified Utah Home Inspector to save you money, time, and truckloads of headache.

How does a Utah Home Inspector help?

To ensure optimal efficiency and safe operations, every structure and appliance at home require regular service and inspection. Whether it is the faulty HVAC system, termite & rodent check or a gas appliance emitting dangerous gasses such as Carbon Monoxide (CO) and putting you and your loved ones to serious health risks, your prospective residence needs a thorough inspection.

Furthermore, inefficient plumbing, faulty structural components, the built-up dust and dirt inside appliances can cause combustion and fire leading to a crisis situation at home.

A well-trained and qualified Utah Home Inspector could reveal a range of problems that need fixing, you otherwise would not have noticed as a home buyer or seller.

What are the questions to ask your Utah Home Inspector?

Some of the essential checks to do and questions to ask before finalizing your Utah Home Inspectors are-

  • Check their credibility by asking if they are the member of a professional inspection organization with proper certification and licensing procedures
  • Always do a reference check and understand their experience in the home inspection industry
  • How much time they will take to complete the inspection and what are the services included in the package
  • How long they will take to generate the inspection report and what all it will cover

The services covered by the established Utah Home Inspectors

Typically the home inspection covers everything including the mechanical systems, structural components, and several other aspects of the house. Some of the other crucial services covered by Utah Home Inspectors include-

  • Meth Testing
  • Professional onsite meth testing service. Inspectors understand the building envelop and know exactly where meth will collect in the house to ensure accurate testing.
  • Certified lab results.
  • Radon Testing
  • 48 hour testing methods recognized by the EPA.
  • Can explain how radon enters your house and were the gas is expected to build up.
  • Can inspect radon mitigation systems for defects and functionality.
  • Mold Testing
  • Offer atmospheric testing to identify floating mold spores in the home and health hazards.
  • Dust sampling for vacant homes or low agitation areas.
  • Certified lab results to ensure accurate readings.
  • Sprinkler System Check.
  • Inspecting the system for functionality.
  • Ensuring the electrical components are properly bonded and fused.
  • Inspecting visible components for defects such as broken valves and sprinkler heads.

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