Top 5 most common defects found during a Utah home inspection.

Top 5 most common defects found during a Utah home inspection.

Are you considering putting your home on the market? Get the most out of your investment by fixing the top 5 most common defects found in a Utah home inspection.

1. Missing / broken GFCI outlets.
An estimated 74% of homes in Utah are missing or simply have defective GFCI outlets. The good news is, a GFCI outlet is relatively inexpensive and can be installed by a DYI’er. The current recommendation is to have all GFCI type outlets in the kitchen, bathrooms, exterior, and garage. Just remember to secure power before you start installing your updated outlets.

2. Plumbing leaks.
During our inspections we find that approximately 52% of homes have a plumbing leak. The easy ones to spot are under the sink in your kitchen and baths. Other common places to find a leak are around the water heater and water softener. So before you list it, let your water run for a good 5 minutes and check for drips. A lot of these leaks can be fixed easily and it will save you some hassle during the home selling process.

3. Radon Gas.
It is estimated that one in three Utah homes have high levels of Radon gas. So what exactly is the problem with Radon? The EPA and Surgeon General have estimated that 20,000 lung cancer deaths are caused by Radon annually. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Radon gas is heavy and tends to build up in the lower areas of a home. If you have a home with a finished basement or family members that sleep down stairs they may be at risk. Testing is very affordable and some mitigation companies will even test for free.

4. Wood Rot.
Wood that is exposed to water will rot over time, even if it has been specially treated. Walk around the house and check the deck, eves, and trim for signs of rot. Inspect areas inside of the home that are exposed to water like the bathroom and kitchen. Most of the time rotten boards can be easily replaced and only basic tools are needed. Replacing rotten boards will also help give the impression that your house has been properly maintained. The more rot a buyer sees the less likely they are to make an offer.

5. Unmaintained appliances.
Before you put your house on the market do yourself a favor and service your appliances. Clean up you’re A/C coils, install some fresh filters on the air handler, empty the lint trap, and clean your dishwasher and oven. A home inspector is going to check all of these systems and basic maintenance is something we look for. No buyer wants to purchase a house that has been neglected.

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